dimanche 8 septembre 2013

the word

Things have changed since three monthe ago the "Coalition for Germany" took over government functions in Germany. First they had changed for holders of foreign passports from Africa, Arab countries, Turkey, now they are also changing for us, Germans that, like me, have their origins in Africa.

Yesterday I received a letter, informing me, that my situation is going to be reassessed: As my mother is from East Africa, I am considered to be a second degree migrant, which means that, if the genetic filiation to my mother cannot be proved negative, I will have to reapply for German citizenship and my integration will be analysed.

Today I met Cem, a former colleague, whose mother is from Turkey. He told me that he had received the same type of letter already three weeks ago and that his hearing would be next week. From what he had heard from a friend there will be little doubt about the outcome and he also will be sent to an integration assessment. He told me, it would be for sure the same case for me and I already should look for references. As I am working, earning a decent salary, paying taxes, there should not be a big problem, but you never know which type of judge will be in charge. It would be good to talk to my manager, to ask him for a reference,  of  course, only if he is German, or at least, from another European country.

Then he said something, that left me petrified: "And better do not to wear these negress-rags of yours from now on"

As he noticed my  stupefaction he added: "Yes I konw, it looks good on you, Ayeesha, but you better realize, that things have changed. If we want to stay, we have to adapt in the best way.3

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